Growing Planet

A planet that takes pieces of every being that visits it. For example, during your stay you’ll find something go missing. It might be a tooth, a nail, even a limb. The planet takes this and incorporates it into the world. You can’t get it back. 


School Tip #3

Read the textbook. 

Preferably read the whole thing in the first week of school/before school begins, but reading the chapter for the unit the weekend before it begins is acceptable too. 

It helps so much, please just read it. 

School Tip #1

When you write research papers (especially ones that turn out to be argumentative), the first thing you do is consume media on your general topic. Then, find what you will be arguing. Finally, write an outline for what you and your readers need to know to arrive at your conclusion and write how you will find that information. 

If you need to make changes to it, do so, but always do it to have a solid starting point and place to go when you’re stuck. 

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